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Please find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Ephesus Tours from Kusadasi Port, other private tours organized by Best Ephesus Tours, and all other necessary things to know about Private Ephesus Excursions below. Please Don't Hesitate to Contact Us on 7/24 via e-mail, contact form, or directly via WhatsApp.

No. For the daily sightseeing tours, you will be considered as a daily transit guest. So same-day return cruise guests do not need visas for Ephesus tours.
Go to Book This Tour or Make Your Enquiry and fill in the Reservation Request. We will respond to you with a Reservation Mail. If you want to continue booking you may send an email and then we will send you a “Reservation Confirmation” with all details including meeting details. Please note that you don't have to make a pre-payment or deposit before the tour and we accept cash payments only in Euro, Turkish Lira or, in US Dollars. (You can also visit "How to Book and Pay" page for further information and a video guide.)
A licensed guide can help you with timing and avoid the potential of wasting time. Also, a guide can give you details not only about history but also about the important people who lived on the sight. You can also learn about the daily life of people living around besides the historical information. A licensed tour guide can give you the best tips so you will get to miss any of those important sites in the ancient city of Ephesus.
No, Best Ephesus Tours is a custom itinerary planning travel agency. We care about the satisfaction of each group and tours are only offered per individual private group. The size of the group is not making any difference to us. So if you wish you can invite your friends to your tour. But we never mix different parties with each other.
First of all, we are an experienced tour company established by professional licensed tour guides. We know about sites and guests' expectations more than the cruise tour sales representatives. Since we are sure about %100 satisfaction of yours, we do not require a pre-payment or deposit.
Cruise Lines offer the same tour program and the same sites. The tour with BEST EPHESUS TOURS offers you a private representative for an entire day, reserving in advance, skipping the line, saving time, and comparing the tours on cruise cheaper.
At the cruise port, your private Ephesus tour guide will be waiting for you at the exit door of the arrivals hall with a sign with your name written on it.

Yes, your guide can schedule your program to allow you to have enough time for shopping. Turkey is famous for high-quality handicrafts. Turkish carpets, tiles, ceramics, and leather products are some of those items you may like to see not only for shopping but also observing the arts of locals. There are government-supported carpet weaving associations, leather factories, and ceramic art schools you may be interested to visit to learn about the traditional and historical arts in the region.


Since the region of Ephesus is full of these art manufacturing centers, you may even order a leather jacket designed or a carpet woven specially for you. The products recommended by your guide are guaranteed for quality and price. Your money will be returned back if you can find the same item, with the same quality for a lower price. If you do not want to do shopping, please let us or our guide know about it.

Usually, the tour starts soon after the cruise disembarkation. But with Best Ephesus Tours' private itinerary, you will be flexible with starting time. Our guide will meet you at the exit gate of the port with a sign with your name on it. For the tours from the airport again we will be waiting for you at the airport upon your landing.
Yes. You can even ask your guide to change the program along the tour. We are happy to cover your expectations with possible sightseeing around. Please consult us for your inquiries about far visiting far distance destinations.
Please be informed that we do not require pre-payments. Accordingly, we only need you to inform possible cancellations within 1 day before the day tour is required.
No there are no dress codes so you should have no hesitation about your outfit. Wear normally as in your home town. Turkey is considered as one of the most open-minded Middle East Muslim countries. For summer period tours you better wear a cap or take an umbrella with you. And Of course, comfortable walking shoes are highly recommended.
No. Gratuities are up to the guests' decisions. If you are happy with your guide, a gratuity - usually in the region of 10% to 20% of the tour cost is highly appreciated. If you do more, you make them even happier.
Yes you can. Museums in Ephesus and Kusadasi are open on every day of week including Sunday.
Yes. We have taken many clients on tour who use wheelchairs. Ephesus Ancient City is easier than many other historical sights together with wooden platforms for certain spots. Please note that the Terrace Houses in Ephesus is not recommended for disabled guests. Please let us know in advance for better access.
Yes. Turkey is one of the lowest crime rates countries in the world to travel. Comparing to many European countries safer for travelers. Interpol ranked Turkey as one of the most secure holiday destinations in Europe. We recommend our guests the same precautions they would in elsewhere. And please remember that security concerns affect all international travelers.
Yes, you can even let us prepare a shorter itinerary according to must-see sights or even you can shorter your tour by discussing your tour guide along the tour day. Remember you are the boss of your own tour.

As of July 1 2023 Entrance fee for Ephesus is 700 Turkish lira (around 24 Euro)

The House of the Virgin Mary is 250 Turkish lira (around 9 Euro)

Please ask us about current museum entrance fees, as entrance fees are subject to change.

Today, Ephesus ancient city is located in the Selcuk district of Izmir Province in Turkey. Ephesus is 15 km. away from Kusadasi and 80 km. away from the center of Izmir. Please note that Izmir Airport is located outside of Izmir and 50 km. away to Ephesus.

Ephesus is located approximately 600 kilometers (384 miles) away from Istanbul. The driving distance between Istanbul and Ephesus is approximately 6 hours. The flight time from Istanbul to Izmir is about 1 hour. The nearest airport (Izmir ADB airport) to Ephesus is located 50 kilometers away.

Ephesus is 15 kilometers away from Kusadasi cruise port. The driving distance between Kusadasi port and Ephesus is approximately 20-25 minutes. The flight time from Istanbul to Izmir is about 1 hour. The nearest airport (Izmir ADB airport) to Ephesus is located 50 kilometers away.