Terms and Conditions - Best Ephesus Tours

Terms and Conditions - Best Ephesus Tours

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Terms & Conditions - Best Ephesus Tours 

This agreement details the terms and conditions between bestephesustours.com and the guests who book; tours, transfers, guide services, and travel packages. By purchasing tours and travel services from bestephesustours.com guests are deemed to have accepted the legal liability. And all legal liability of bestephesustours.com are subject to details of this Terms and Conditions.

Bestephesustours.com accepts no responsibilities and liability for extra expenses of travelers due to delays or schedule changes.

All requirements of rearrangements must be directed to the guest relation services of bestephesustours.com who will process the request.

Tours and transfers mentioned on bestephesustours.com are valid as per the dates mentioned on the website. Bestephesustours.com is not responsible for any travel date changes.

Bestephesustours.com is not responsible for any information not provided directly by the operation team or website.

Bestephesustours.com shall not be liable for any injuries along the tour caused by events out of our control and external circumstances.

Bestephesustours.com will not be liable for any additional expenses caused by third-party service providers or suppliers such as flight companies or cruise schedule changes due to operational reasons.

The terms and conditions of bestephesustours.com will be ruled by the laws of Turkiye.

Any dispute caused by the Terms and Conditions of bestephesustours.com will be resolved according to the rules of the Union of Turkish Bar Associations. The court of arbitration must be Izmir. The language to use in the arbitration shall be Turkish.

Details of Itinerary and Programme

 The tour programmes are planned as accurately as possible. The guest always can consult Bestephesustours.com for requirements of the different itineraries. Bestephesustours.com will be responsible to cover all mentioned attractions and visits mentioned on Booking Confirmation. The information provided by bestephesustours.com is designed to help guests choose the most suited sightseeing programme.

 Tour Guides may change the operation to alleviate crowding at local venues.Bestephesustours.com will not be liable for any different order of operation presented in the tour descriptions. But bestephesustours.com will be liable for any missing sights mentioned on the tour descriptions. The tour itineraries on the website include approximate durations of tours individually. Bestephesustours.com will not be responsible for tour duration changes depending on external factors.


 We require the guest to fill out the enquiry form on our website. We will be sending you an e-mail in max 12 hours. The guest needed to provide personal informations, including full name, contact e-mail and telephone number on their confirmation mail. Bestephesustours.com will have right to keep this informations to contact you regarding to your reservation. After your enquiry form filled, Bestephesustours.com will send a confirmarion mail including meeting details. Booking Confirmation details must check by guests and contact with operation team in case of any discrepancy.

Payment, Prices

 The prices on the website are per person not per party. Tour payments will be settled at the end of the tour based on the quotation in the “Booking Confirmation” mail.

 Bestephesustours.com only accepts cash payments in Euro or US Dollars and Turkish Lira. The guest must inform the operation team of Bestephesustours.com in case of different currency payment requirements before the tour.

Risk Acceptance

 Before the tour starts, the Tour Guide may ask you to sign a participation form containing the following personal risks. The guests who made the booking hereby assumed all proper risks. Bestephesustours.com and the Tour Guide will not be liable for all claims and compensations.

 I understand that the tour may involve some here I confirm that I accept those risks performed by my Tour Guide with details. I fully understand that bestephesustours.com will not be responsible for any pre-existing health problems I may have.

 bestephesustours.com and all other associated or connected corporations, directors, contractors, and employees will not be responsible for any costs and demands, actions, causes of action, and liabilities whatsoever for any and all losses, damages, death, or injuries. here I assume and confirm the risks of the tour.

Cancellation Policy

 The guest has the right to cancel the tour without any cancelation fee up to 3 days (72 hours) before the tour date. Cancelations within 3 days (72 hours) the guests will not be eligible for any refunds.

 In case the tour needed to be canceled by bestephesustours.com due to unforeseen external circumstances, bestephesustours.com will be liable for a full refund or suggesting other options to tour retailer your program or tour dates chances.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

 Bestephesustours.com keeps the right to make further changes to terms and conditions. Guests may aware of changes by following the bestephesustours.com website.