Octagon in Ephesus

There is an octagon in Ephesus across from the Temple of Hadrian, right by the street. In Ephesus, the statues of those who organized competitions, donated money to the temples, or paid for the upkeep of official buildings to acquire honour and fame, were placed in special areas like the Agora or the main street. Also, inscriptions praising them and octagonal mausoleums dedicated to them, were erected at these special places.

Octagon Fragments From Ephesus, Vienna Ephesus Museum
Octagon Fragments From Ephesus, Vienna Ephesus Museum

This octagonal mausoleum in Ephesus situated on a rectangular base belonged to such a person. It is surrounded by a row of columns with Corinthian capitals and its roof is pyramidal. Both the eaves and the base are decorated with lotus, palm and acanthus leaves.

Roman Inscriptions of Octogan in Ephesus
Roman Inscriptions of Octagon in Ephesus

The sarcophagus made of andesite, is in a small room with low vaults. The entrance to the tomb is through a long and narrow passage (dromos) under the house behind it. The Octagon in Ephesus which was built between 40-20 B.C. was unearthed in 1929 during the Excavations in Ephesus. The skeleton in it belongs to a young girl between the age of eighteen and twenty.

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