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house of the virgin mary
House of the Virgin Mary

We have already published an article about the History of the House of the Virgin Mary. This article is mostly about the questions like how to get to the House of the Virgin Mary and what to see there and around Selçuk. You can consider this article as a guide that answers your questions before you visit Selçuk and Mary’s House.

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house of the virgin mary and statue

How to Get to the House of the Virgin Mary?

It is easily reached all year round. The distance from Izmir is about 50 miles. It is 10 miles from Kusadasi and 3 miles from Seljuk. The road is excellent right up to the entrance to the property. There are buses. Dolmuslar (share cabs) and taxis are available at all hours of the day. There is also a train service from Izmir to Seljuk, where one may take a cab or dolmus up to the Shrine.

Selçuk - Ephesus - Turkey
Selçuk – Ephesus – Turkey

What to See Around Selçuk ?

It is the gate to many ancient ruins. Within the town, itself is the Basilica of St. John, where St. John’s tomb Lies under its marble Sanctuary. Above St. John’s is the Citadel, an ancient fortress.

The Basilica of St. John in Ephesus
The Basilica of St. John in Ephesus

Grotto of the Seven Sleepers in Ephesus

In ancient Ephesus, besides the ruins of the city itself, is the Marlan Basilica. This was the first Church named after Mother Mary, and here, the Third Council of the Church took place in 431. On the way to Mary’s House is the Grotto of the Seven Sleepers. Here, carved out of the mountainside, are the remains of three churches, the tombs of seven early Christian martyrs, and the tomb of St. Mary Magdalen.

Cave of the Seven Sleepers in Ephesus
Cave of the Seven Sleepers in Ephesus

At the House of the Virgin Mary

Itself, there is a large parking lot with a wonderful view of the entire Ephesian Plan and the Aegean Sea. After a brief descent from the parking lot, there is situated a small Police Station, Post Office, and a Tea House where light refreshments are served. Passing these, the pilgrim then enters the sanctuary grounds proper. A path shaded by olive trees leads the visitor to a statue of the Virgin Mary, which stands as if in gracious welcome to her House. A climb of a few steps brings into view the esplanade which encircles the House on three sides. The portion to the left of Mary’s House is elevated.

A Sunday in Mary's House
A Sunday in Mary’s House

Here Mass is celebrated outside several times a year. Beyond the House, there is a religious article shop where medals and rósarles may be purchased. To the right and below this shop are the fountains of water that flow from beneath Mother Mary’s bedroom and the Vestry.

Popes visit to House of the Virgin Mary
Popes visit to House of the Virgin Mary

Pope Paul VI Visits the House of the Mother Mary

The whole Christian world showed great Interest when His Holiness, Pope Paul VI made a pilgrimage to the Holy House of the Blessed Virgin Mary near Ephesus. This visit was made on Wednesday, 26 July 1967. The Spiritual Leader of the Roman Catholic Church was accompanied by a retinue of Cardinals, high church officials, and civilian dignitaries. This great historic visit of Pope Paul VI was given much publicity by the world press, television, and radio. This is the first time a Roman Catholic Pontiff has visited Turkey since the sojourn of Saint Peter in Antioch around the year 44 A.D. There is no doubt that the Holy Father’s visit has done much to reawaken interest in the ancient Christian shrines of Turkey and is attracting many pilgrims and tourists to this country.

Discovery of the House of the Virgin Mary
Discovery of the House of the Virgin Mary

This is a Shrine, a sacred place. It is a place of prayer and meditation. “Remember, O most Blessed Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone… who implored thy help was left unaided. This prayer is the prayer of the pilgrim. The many crutches, canes, and braces left here by those who have been cured are witnesses to the continuing truth of these words. Come and pray. Come and present to Mary at her House, your spiritual and material needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Virgin Mary

How old was the Virgin Mary?

According to most historians, Mary’s age ranged from 12 to 15 years old when Jesus was born.

What happened to Mary the mother of Jesus?

The most common Christian theory is Virgin Mary was brought to Ephesus by the beloved apostle St. John after the resurrection.  The theory originated from Jesus’ entrusting the care of his mother to his beloved apostle. She spent her last days on the Bulbul mountain in Ephesus and died.

Did mary the mother of Jesus have other children?

There is no evidence that Virgin Mary has other children. So we can simply say “No” to this question.

Was Mary a virgin?

According to the Bible, Mary was a virgin when she became pregnant with Jesus. However, after giving birth to Jesus, she had sex with her husband. The virgin birth was significant because the Son of God was not born in sin. The birth of Jesus from a virgin also confirmed that Jesus was the Son of God. No man is born of a virgin.

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