Best of Ephesus Tours from Didim

Best of Ephesus Tour from Didim

Quick Information

Tour Highlights : Ephesus Ancient City, Terrace Houses, House of the Virgin Mary, Temple of Artemis.

Duration :  Approx. 8-9 Hours

Departures : All year round from Didim and Around

Price Includes

Professional Licensed Tour Guide

Transportation with luxury Mercedes A/C Van.

All transportation costs like gass & parking fees.

All insurances.

Of course %100 Satisfaction.

Tour Program

Best of Ephesus Tours from Didim includes all the must-see attractions in the area such as the Ancient City of Ephesus, Terrace Houses, the House of the Virgin Mary & The Temple of Artemis in Ephesus and its surroundings.

The departures of this tour are from any hotel such as the Anda Barut Collection Hotel Didim, hotels in the centre of Didim or any other hotel in the surrounding area. You have the flexibility to tailor the itinerary and departure time to suit your preferences and time limit at no extra cost.

Ephesus tours from Didim

Your tour begins when you meet your guide in the lobby of your hotel at the specified time. Your guide will then escort you to your private vehicle and your private tour begins. During the tour you will visit all the sites on the itinerary. The distance from Didim to Ephesus is approximately 90 km and takes about 1 hour. Throughout your journey, your guide will share the history and significance of the region with you, and you will have the opportunity to ask your guide any questions you may have. After the tour, your guide will return you to your hotel.

The Ancient City of Ephesus

Private Ephesus Tours

The ancient city of Ephesus is one of the main highlights of our private Ephesus tours. During the Roman period, Ephesus was the third largest city in the Roman Empire with a population of around 250,000. It was the capital and commercial center of Asia Minor. On your tour you will have the opportunity to see the Library of Celsus (the third largest library in the ancient world), the Great Theatre of Ephesus (the largest in Anatolia), latrines, the Temple of Hadrian and much more.

Terrace Houses in Ephesus

Ephesus Tour Terrace Houses

The Terrace houses, also known as the houses of the rich, are located in the ancient city of Ephesus. The six luxurious villas in this complex provide a valuable insight into family life during the Roman period. The houses, which have their own heating systems and are decorated with impressive Roman mosaics and frescoes, date from the 1st century AD. 

The House of the Virgin Mary

The house of the virgin mary tour

During the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, in his last words, he entrusted his mother to his apostle John, as Jerusalem was no longer safe for her. St John took Mary to the top of Mount Bülbül, near Ephesus, which he thought would be a safe place. It is believed that the Virgin Mary spent her last years in this house and died there. The House of the Virgin Mary is now officially recognised as a place of pilgrimage, having been visited by Pope Paul VI in 1967, Pope John Paul II in 1979 and Pope Benedict XVI in 2006. 

The Temple of Artemis

Temple of Artemis Ephesus Tour

The Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, was built in the 6th century BC and took its final form in the 2nd century BC. Its impressive size made it the largest centre of pagan worship of its time. Today, although only the basic structure, a single column and a few ruins remain, it is still worth a visit to experience its historic atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the entrance fee for Ephesus Ancienty city and other sights?

A. The entrance fee for Ephesus is 40 Euro per person. The House of the Virgin Mary is 500 Turkish Lira (around 15-16 Euro), and the Temple of Artemis is free of charge.

Q. Is Ephesus open every day?

A. Yes. Ephesus ancient city is open every day including weekends. Opening time: 08:00, Closing time: 19:00, Box Office Closing Time: 18:30.

Q How to meet my tour guide?

A. Your tour guide will be in your hotel lobby at the specified time.

Q How to buy tickets for Ephesus and other sights?

A. Your tour guide will organize the purchase of tour tickets. You don't have to wait in line as tour guides have priority at the ticket offices.

Q Is it possible to customize the departure time for my tour?

A.  Yes! You have the flexibility to choose your preferred departure time since we operate our tours on private basis.

Q How to Pay?

A. Tour payment can be made in cash (Turkish Lira, USD, or Euro) directly to your tour guide at the end of the tour, without the need for any pre-payment or deposit.

Tour Prices:

Number Of Person
Tour Price
For Parties of 2
139 € / Person
For Parties of 3
99 € / Person
For Parties of 4
89 € / Person
For Parties of 5-6
79 € / Person
For Parties of 7-8
69 € / Person
For Parties of 9-10
49 € / Person
For Parties of 11-14
39 € / Person
Over 14 Guest

Special Notes

  Since we are sure that you will leave our Private Ephesus Tour 100% satisfied, we do not request any pre-payment or deposit before the tour.

As this tour is a completely Private Ephesus tour, the program is flexible according to your wishes. You can change the program as you wish before or during the tour at no extra cost.

 Since the ancient city of Ephesus can be very hot, we recommend bringing a hat, sunscreen, and water, and wearing comfortable shoes.

Terrace Houses in Ephesus are optional and not recommended for disabled people.