Private Ephesus Tours 2023 Guide

private ephesus tours guide 2023

Introduction to Ephesus

Historical background

Ephesus is a must-see ancient city of private Ephesus tours. It is (Modern name Selcuk) located on the Aegean coast of modern-day Turkey, is an ancient city with a rich history dating back to the 10th century BC. It was the third largest, wealthiest city in the Roman Empire and an important center for early Christianity. Such that, the House of the Virgin Mary and the Basilica of St. John is located in Ephesus historical zone. Today, Ephesus is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a must-visit ancient city and the most popular attraction in the region. For more detailed information, read our “History of Ephesus” article.

The Library of Celsus
The Library of Celsus in Ephesus

Must-see attractions

Some of the most famous buildings in the ancient city of Ephesus are the Library of Celsus, the Great Theatre, the Toilets, the Terrace Houses (Requires an extra fee), and the Temple of Hadrian. Of course, what you will see is not limited to these. Each building you will see provides a fascinating insight into the ancient world and showcases the architectural skills of the civilizations that once lived here.

Why Choose a Private Ephesus Tour?

  • Customized tours based on your preferences, interests, and time limit
  • Experienced local tour guides with extensive knowledge of the city’s history and culture
  • Flexible timings and itinerary to suit your schedule
  • Comfortable transportation options (Brand New VIP Mercedes Van)
  • Skip-the-line access to popular attractions
  • Private tours for a more intimate experience

Personalized experience

A private Ephesus tour provides a completely personalized tour experience compared to joining a large group tour. In a private tour, you can ask your tour guide questions, spend as much time in any sights you like, choose the tour start and return time yourself, and modify the tour itinerary with the assistance and suggestions of your tour guide according to your preferences and time limit. These are just some of the advantages of a private Ephesus tour.

Flexibility and Convenience

One of the primary advantages of private Ephesus tours is the flexibility they offer. You have a chance to choose the time and date of your tour and even customize the itinerary to focus on the attractions that interest you the most. This convenience ensures that you get the most out of your visit to this.

Expert Guidance

Private tours are generally led by licensed, experienced, knowledgeable, local tour guides who can provide in-depth information about the history and culture of Ephesus ancient city and the sights around. With an expert local tour guide, you’ll get a deeper understanding of the Ephesus historical zone. Remember that no one knows the history of an area better than a local tour guide.

Private Ephesus Tours Organized by Best Ephesus Tours
Private Ephesus Tours Organized by Best Ephesus Tours

What to Expect on Private Ephesus Tours

At Private Ephesus Tours, we offer a range of tour options to suit your interests and schedule. Our experienced local tour guides will take you on a journey through time, showcasing the history, culture, and architecture of Ephesus. Here’s what you can expect from private tours:

Tour duration of Private Ephesus Tours

The duration of private Ephesus tours may vary according to your time limit and preferences, some lasting a few hours while others are spread over a full day. However, a classic tour program consisting of must-see places such as Ephesus ancient city, the House of the Virgin Mary, and the Temple of Artemis, takes an average of 5 hours. The duration of your tour will depend on the attractions you want to visit and the pace you prefer to explore.

Transportation options

Many private Ephesus tours include transportation from nearby cities such as Izmir or Kusadasi, making it easy to reach the ancient site. In addition, it is possible to organize a day tour to Ephesus from Istanbul. See Ephesus Day Trip From Istanbul. Private tours organized by Best Ephesus Tours offer the opportunity of traveling in a luxury Mercedes VIP vehicle, providing maximum comfort throughout your trip.

The House of the Virgin Mary
The House of the Virgin Mary

Visiting the House of the Virgin Mary

The House of the Virgin Mary is a sacred place believed to be the final home of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. This peaceful place, situated top of Bulbul mountain near Ephesus, is a must-see sight on most private tours. Your tour guide will share the history and religious significance of the site as you explore this peaceful sanctuary. See Also the History of the House of the Virgin Mary.

Finds from Terrace Houses
Finds from Terrace Houses

Exploring the Terrace Houses in Ephesus

Terrace Houses, also known as the “Houses of the Rich”, is a series of well-preserved ancient houses displaying detailed mosaics, frescoes, and other extraordinary artifacts. Visiting these luxury residences on a private tour will give you an insight into the lives of the wealthy residents of Ephesus in its heyday. The entrance to the Terrace Houses is subject to an extra fee. See Also The Terrace Houses in Ephesus article.

Virtual Reconstruction of the Temple of Artemis – by Adam Nemeth

The Temple of Artemis

Considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Temple of Artemis is another must-see attraction on your private Ephesus tour. Although there are only a few columns left today, your tour guide will support his narration with visuals and envision the magnificent state of the Temple of Artemis in your mind. See Also The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus article.

Selecting the Right Private Ephesus Tours Company

Ephesus tour reviews

Reputation and reviews

One of the best ways to find a reliable private Ephesus tour company is by researching their reputation and reading reviews on platforms such as google business and Tripadvisor from previous clients. You should choose companies with a strong track record of providing exceptional experiences and consistently high ratings from satisfied customers. See Ephesus Tour Reviews

Communication and responsiveness

We recommend you to prefer an Ephesus tour company that values transparent communication and is responsive to your inquiries. This will provide that you have a smooth booking process and can easily clarify any questions or concerns that may occur during the planning of your private Ephesus tour.

See Also Best Ephesus Tours Contact Page

ephesus tour with wheelchair guest

Licensed and experienced tour guides

A knowledgeable and experienced local guide can make a difference in your private Ephesus tour. Make sure the Ephesus tour company you choose is working with licensed professional tour guides who are passionate about sharing their expertise in the history, culture, and archaeological wonders of Ephesus and the sights around. Above all, choose a local tour guide. No one knows the history of an area better than a local tour guide.

best ephesus tours 2023

Customization options

A good private Ephesus tour company should offer a range of customization options, allowing you to tailor the itinerary to your specific interests and preferences. Look for companies that provide flexibility in terms of tour duration, transportation, and site selection. Such freedoms are the basis of the advantages of private Ephesus tours. See Also Why Best Ephesus Tours? Page

Transparent pricing and policies

When choosing a private Ephesus tour company, choose one that offers transparent pricing and clear cancellation policies. This will help you avoid any unexpected costs or complications during your travel planning process. Preferably, prefer tour companies that do not require a deposit or pre-payment before the tour, but can pay cash at the end of the tour.

By carefully considering these factors, you will be better equipped to choose the ideal private Ephesus tour company for your needs.

Which Private Ephesus tours should I choose?

I would definitely recommend you the best-selling tour “Best of Ephesus Tours”.

Why Best of Ephesus Tours?

  • You can customize Best of Ephesus Tours according to your preferences, interests, and time limit.
  • Best of Ephesus Tours departs from the most popular tour departure points such as Izmir cruise port, Izmir airport, Izmir hotels, Selcuk, Kusadasi hotels, Kusadasi cruise port, and Istanbul.
  • Your local tour guide and private driver accompany you throughout the tour.
  • Comfortable transportation options (Brand New VIP Mercedes Van).
  • Skip-the-line access to Ephesus Ancient City and other sights.
  • Lowest price and %100 satisfaction guarantee.
  • Pay in cash at the end of the tour. (We don’t ask for any deposit or pre-payment before the tour).

Best of Ephesus Tours from Kusadasi

Best of Ephesus Tours from Izmir

Best of Ephesus Tours Video Introduction

Best of Ephesus Tours Video Introduction 2023


A private Ephesus tour offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the Ephesus ancient city and sights around at your own pace, with the expert guidance of a knowledgeable local tour guide. From the flexibility and customization opportunity to the fascinating sites you’ll discover, a private tour is an unforgettable experience that will make your visit to Ephesus truly memorable. If you think that private tour prices are more expensive than group tours, check our tour prices. We offer you the best quality private tour experience with the lowest price guarantee.

Private Ephesus Tours From Kusadasi

Private Ephesus Tours From Izmir

Private Ephesus Day Trip From Istanbul


Q1: How to Book a private Ephesus tour?

Booking your Private Ephesus Tour is as easy as pie! Simply reach out to us through our website and our friendly team will be happy to help. Once your tour is booked, we’ll take care of all the necessary arrangements, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience from start to finish. See Also; How to Book and Pay? Contact Us pages.

Q2: How far is Ephesus from Istanbul, Kusadasi, and Izmir, and what’s the best way to get there?

A: Ephesus is about 575 km from Istanbul, 15 km from Kusadasi, and 80 km from Izmir. For Istanbul, the most convenient ways to reach Ephesus are by flying from Istanbul to Izmir and then taking a private transfer or by joining a private tour that includes transportation from Istanbul. See Also Private Ephesus Day Trip From Istanbul

Q3: Is Ephesus wheelchair accessible?

A: While certain areas of Ephesus ancient city can be accessed by wheelchair users, some paths are uneven and challenging to navigate. Don’t worry! We are an experienced travel agency and already made many tours with the wheelchaired guest without any issues.

Q4: Can I take photographs during my private Ephesus tour?

A: Yes, photography is allowed throughout the ancient city of Ephesus except for photographing with a tripod. However, be respectful and follow any guidelines provided by your tour guide, especially when visiting religious sites.

Q5: What should I wear during my visit to Ephesus?

A: Wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for walking on uneven terrain. Since Ephesus is an open-air site, it’s also essential to dress appropriately for the weather and bring sun protection, such as a hat and sunscreen.

Q6: Is it possible to combine a private Ephesus tour with a visit to other nearby attractions?

A: Absolutely! Many private tour providers offer combined itineraries that include other nearby attractions, such as the ancient city of Hierapolis and the stunning natural pools of Pamukkale. See Also Combined Pamukkale-Ephesus Day Trip

Additional Tips for Your Private Ephesus Tours

Stay hydrated

Ephesus can be hot, especially during the summer months. Ensure you stay hydrated by carrying a water bottle with you and refilling it regularly throughout your tour.

Respect the sites

Remember that you are visiting ancient and sacred sites with immense historical and cultural significance. Be respectful by not littering, following your guide’s instructions, and treating the site with care.

Take your time

One of the greatest benefits of a private Ephesus tour is the ability to explore at your own pace. Take your time to fully appreciate the beauty and history of each site, and don’t hesitate to ask your guide questions or request more time at a specific location.

Try local cuisine

While on your private tour, be sure to take the opportunity to sample some delicious local Turkish cuisine. Ask your guide for recommendations on where to find the best traditional dishes, such as kebabs, pide, and baklava.

With these tips and suggestions in mind, you’re ready to embark on an unforgettable private Ephesus tour. Enjoy the unique opportunity to delve deep into the history and culture of this fascinating ancient city, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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