Temple of Domitian in Ephesus

The Temple of Domitian in Ephesus is the first temple erected in the name of the Roman emperors in the city of Ephesus. It’s located in Domitian Square where structures such as Nike Relief, The Memmius Monument, and the Fountain of Pollio are situated. After the imperial period began with Augustus the first emperor of the Roman Empire, emperors started to see themselves as diety. So that They had eternal power. The tyrannical emperor Domitianus (A.D. 81-96) had named himself a ruler and god too. It was the Ephesus people’s fear of this emperor which led them to construct the Temple of Domitian they would make in his name on a terrace prepared on the foot of mount Koressos, at a central spot of the city.

Remains of the Temple of Domitian
Remains of the Temple of Domitian

Architectural Features of the Temple

The Temple of Domitian was placed on a stylobate with sizes 24×34 m., ascended by eight steps, on this terrace of 50×100 m. It was constructed by using a combination of marble and brick and was adorned with numerous statues and reliefs depicting scenes from mythology. One of the most notable features of the Temple of Domitian was its massive size. It measured approximately 160 feet by 130 feet and stood more than 60 feet tall, making it one of the tallest buildings in the city of Ephesus. I also recommend our guests who participate in our Private Ephesus Tours to see the head and arm of the giant emperor Domitian statue exhibited in the Ephesus Archaeological Museum.

An illustration of the temple of Domitian
An illustration of the temple of Domitian

Death of The Curial Emperor Domitian

The Temple of Domitian was used for a variety of purposes, including as a place of worship since Emperor Domitian see himself as a god and as a center for cultural and intellectual activity. It was also used for public ceremonies and festivals in the city of Ephesus. On the 14th. year of his reign, the cruel emperor Domitian, who was not liked by Ephesians was assassinated by one of his servants while he was sleeping. And Ephesians saw that he was not an immortal god as he claimed. His death marked the end of the Flavian dynasty and the beginning of a period of Five Good Emperors.

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