The Byzantine Baths in Ephesus

In the middle of the square at the north exit of Ephesus, there are the remains of a structure indicating a complex floor plan. It belongs to the baths built in the 6th century.

The Byzantine Baths in Ephesus A.D 6. Century
The Byzantine Baths in Ephesus A.D 6. Century

A large hall with an apse at each end stretches along the western side of the building. It can be called a “rest area” On the side facing the street in the east, it has two structural complexes that look separated and different from each other.

The Byzantine Baths - Thessaloniki
The Byzantine Baths – Thessaloniki

In the middle of the one in the south, there is a hall with curved corners. The function of this hall has not yet been established. The doors in the east and west give access to smaller halls with an apse. The other side of the structure exhibits a more complex plan. The tepidarium is in the middle and there are many small rooms on the eastern side. Many large earthenware jars were unearthed during the excavations.

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