The Acropolis of Ephesus

The small hill to the north of the Byzantine Baths is assumed to be the Acropolis of Ephesus. The most recent excavations in Ephesus ancient city revealed that a fortification wall surrounded the hill. Since these walls were built before the city walls were constructed during the reign of Lysimachos, the hill, most probably, was the early acropolis. Preliminary excavations carried on at the northern and western sides of the hill did not reveal any remains. Therefore, it has been concluded that in ancient times these areas were under the sea. We can also safely assume that the original harbour of Ephesus, Koressos Harbour, was located here.

acropolis of ephesus

The foundation of a multi-cornered structure was discovered on the Acropolis of Ephesus. The structure dated to the 6th or 7th century B.C. and was the oldest building in Ephesus. We still do not know why it was built. It is assumed that this is the location where the founder of Ephesus, Androklos, son of Kodros, after killing the boar, built a temple and dedicated it to Apollo in gratitude.

illustration of Ephesus Map
illustration of Ephesus showing the Temple of Apollo

There is also an appealing fountain with three niches on the side of Acropolis Hill facing Ephesus. There is a pool in front of each niche, and some of these pools are decorated with signs of the Cross. The fountain was constructed in the 6th century.

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