The Ephesus Experience Museum

The Ephesus Experience Museum

The Ephesus Experience Museum is a new-generation museum that uses advanced virtual reality technology to take you on a journey through history. Imagine walking through the reconstructed ancient streets of Ephesus and experiencing the city as it once was.

Where is the Ephesus Experience Museum

The Ephesus Experience Museum is conveniently situated near the harbor street in the ancient city of Ephesus. Ephesus has two main entrances and exits, known as the upper gate and the lower gate. The Ephesus Experience Museum is close to the lower gate where Ephesus tours typically conclude. However, we recommend visiting the museum at the end of your Ephesus tour to maximize your Ephesus tour experience.

Official Trailer of the Ephesus Experience Museum

Museum Entrance and Virtual Reality Show Details

You purchase your entrance ticket at the museum’s box office. Once you’ve purchased your ticket, you will be provided with headphones and will be asked to choose from one of the 13 available language options for the headphones including – English, Italian, Persian, Russian, Turkish, German, Chinese, and Arabic. Additionally, for your hygiene and safety, the ear cushions of the headphones are replaced before every show.

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Prepare Yourself for a Visual Feast

The entire show spans three different halls and has a total duration of 20 minutes. Upon entering the first hall, you’ll find yourself in a cool, air-conditioned, dark place where the show begins. As you listen to the narration through your headphones, you’ll also be immersed in the ambient sounds and music emanating from speakers around the room, enhancing the experience beyond just what’s heard in your ears.

The VR Technology Makes You a Part of Ephesus

The virtual reality experience is enhanced by stunning visuals projected onto both the floor and walls from multiple ceiling projectors, effectively transforming the entire hall into a 360-degree screen. Following the first hall display, you are guided into a second, larger hall.

The Ephesus Experience Museum Shows

The Show Continues in the Second Hall

Especially in the second hall, you’ll experience a powerful fusion of sight and sound, taking you on a journey from the establishment to the eventual decline of the Ephesus ancient city. This experience transports you back in time, making you feel like you are a part of the magnificent history of Ephesus.

The Epic Finale with Ephesian Artemis

The finale of your journey starts in the third room with a dramatic presentation of the Goddess Artemis, bringing a fascinating ending to the show.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How much is the entrance fee to the Ephesus Experience Museum?

The entrance fee for the Ephesus Experience Museum is 850 Lira (27 Euro) as of December 2023.

What are the opening and closing hours of the Ephesus Experience Museum?

Ephesus Experience Museum is open every day between 08:00 and 17:30.

Where can I buy the entrance ticket?

You can buy it from the box offices of the Ephesus Experience Museum.

Does the museum have any age restrictions?

Children aged 8 and under are not admitted to the museum.

Is it possible to visit only the Museum and not the ancient city of Ephesus?

Since the museum is located in the ancient city of Ephesus, it is not possible to visit only the museum.

Can I buy my ticket online in advance?

Yes, you can make your booking via the link below;

Is the Ephesus Experience Museum suitable for disabled people?

Yes, the Museum is fully available for disabled guests.

How frequently are the sessions held, and what is the maximum capacity for each session?

Sessions are scheduled every 10 minutes, with each accommodating up to a maximum of 90 attendees.

How long do the Ephesus Experience sessions last?

The Ephesus Experience features sessions lasting a total of 20 minutes, with a variety of experiences presented across three distinct halls.

What amenities are available at the Museum?

The Ephesus Experience Museum features both a cafeteria and a gift shop.

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