The Harbour Baths in Ephesus

The Harbour Baths of Ephesus
The Harbour Baths of Ephesus

The Harbour Baths in Ephesus ancient city is built in a north-south direction between the harbour of Ephesus and the Gymnasium. The Harbour Baths are one of the largest edifices in Ephesus and measure 160 by 170 metres, standing 28 metres high. To the east of the structure, there is a long hall which extends the length of the structure.

Illustration of a Roman Bath
The illustration shows Sections of a Roman Bath

Sections of the Harbour Baths in Ephesus

The frigidarium is in the middle of this hall and the dressing rooms are located on both sides of it. A large elliptical pool measuring 30 metres in length, is located in the centre of the frigidarium. A row of 11 metres high columns made of pink and grey granite and their marble composite capitals, support the vaulted roof made of brick. In the dressing areas, there are thick pillars made of large blocks of stones with wide niches between them.

Illustration of a bath in Ephesus Shows How Roman Baths Works
The illustration of a bath in Ephesus Shows How Roman Baths Works

Many statues were unearthed during the excavation of these sections and the bases of the sculptures can be seen today. The caldarium, which was the warmest section of the baths, is located to the west of the frigidarium, and it resembles a large hall with a high ceiling. It is entered either directly from the frigidarium or through the other sections on each side. The Harbour Baths were built in the 2nd century and renovated during the reign of Constantine II (337-361).

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