2024 Opening Hours for Ephesus and Nearby Attractions

What is the Opening Hours of Ephesus?

When planning your Ephesus tour, especially as a cruise passenger, it's important to be aware of the site's opening and closing times to effectively organize your schedule. This information is particularly beneficial for our private Ephesus tours, which offer the flexibility to customize your itinerary according to your personal preferences.

The opening and closing times for the Ancient city of Ephesus and nearby attractions for the year 2024 are as follows;

Attraction Name

Opening Hours

Closed Days

Ephesus Ancient City 08:00-00:00 Box Office Closing Time: 23:30 Open Everyday
Terrace Houses in Ephesus 08:30-23:30 Box Office Closing Time: 23:00 Open Everyday
Ephesus Arhaeological Museum 08:00-21:00 Box Office Closing Time: 20:30 Open Everyday
House of the Virgin Mary 08:30-17:00 Box Office Closing Time: 16:30 Open Everyday
Basilica of St. John 08:00-20:00 Box Office Closing Time: 19:00 Open Everyday
Temple of Artemis 08:00-19:00 (Free of Charge) Open Everyday
Sirince Village Best to visit before 18:00 as shops close then Open 24/7
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